Construction, Renovation, and Fit Out

Servicing residential and commercial projects through operational excellency guaranteeing execution and results beyond our clients’ needs.

Providing added value and full-turn key solutions for communities and commercial construction.

Electrical and Power

Bringing power electrification solutions for reliable and sustainable electricity for all.

Notable Works:
Sewage Treatment Plant Energization & Streetlights Electrification. 
Megaworld, Bacolod City (March 2022)

Telecommunication, Broadcasting, and ICT

As a leading service and solution provider for telecommunications and broadcasting in the Philippines, we have been integral to the industry’s evolution from 2G to today’s 5G technology and beyond. Our offerings include installation, repairs, maintenance, and other essential services, ensuring we not only adapt to change but also drive progress.

Multi Dwelling Units (MDU)

Specializing in fiber optics, wireless networks, smart building tech, telesales, and after-sales support, we ensure seamless communication, transforming countless properties installed into connected communities nationwide.

Direct-to-Home (DTH)

Direct-to-Home (DTH) satellite TV service, providing direct digital signals to your home without cables. With a simple dish and set-top box, enjoy a wide range of high-definition and 4K content through customizable subscription packages.

Air Conditioning Supply and Services

Offering AC supply and service solutions, ensuring your cooling systems operate efficiently year-round. From installation to upgrades, maintenance and repairs, our expert team delivers top-notch service to keep your space comfortable and energy-efficient.