Our Services

Our team of professionals and technical talents across the nation have an excellent record of providing highly efficient management and supervision, and value-added services, giving you more time to focus on your core business needs.

Project Management and Implementation

With our comprehensive project management and implementation program, we will assume full responsibility for the timely completion and quality of your entire project. Our management techniques cover everything from planning and scheduling of the project, to defining and achieving milestones. We also provide coordination between various departments and liaison with other agencies while assuring that quality standards are met through a continual inspection program.

Engineering and Technical Services

With our wide range of technical expertise, E-Link is able to provide complete engineering services from start to finish — this includes planning, field surveying, design and drafting. You define the project and we will execute it to your complete satisfaction.

We offer experienced management personnel and technical experts in various services such as:

4 Core Services of E-link

Multi Dwelling Unit Services (MDU’s)

With a complete portfolio of MDU solutions throughout the years, E-link delivers optimal fiber optic connectivity from a central point in the MDU to individual premises. Our project management includes scope of works like dish antenna installation and alignment, passive and active components installation, boring, chipping and piping works, cable pulling and termination, set-top box (STB) installation.

Repair and Maintenance Services (RMS)

Our Company has been able to develop and design a more systematic and efficient way to troubleshoot, repair and maintain Digital Set Top Boxes (STB) associated with the variety of technical problems.

We provide total Repair and Maintenance Services Solutions with a post warranty support for our client’s satisfaction and total security.

Subscriber Line Installation (SLI)

We provide an in- house installation to ensure all issues are being recognized, handled efficiently and resolved quickly. We also urge ourselves to educate our customer on the product and our technology.

“We’ll never leave them hanging”, we are here to help our customer solve their problems. We aim to connect and give them an exemplary customer service experience from installation to our Customer Service Support.

Telecommunications Engineering Services (TES)

Equipped with a wide range of technical expertise, Our Company is able to compete with the top of line competitors. We are capable of providing telecommunications and engineering services from start to finish. This includes surveying, planning, design and execution.

We made sure our products, technology and services are being recognized and are well executed thus, leaving a remarkable experience for our customer and clients.

E-Link in Action

“Define your Project, and we will execute it to the extent of your complete satisfaction!”